Friday, September 10, 2010


Its been awhile since i was last on here, lots of thing have happened, the biggest being that now i have a job and am starting to back. not Big Bucks, but hey its better than nothing. Got asked by a hooker if i was lonely the other day, well night hookers don't come out in the daytime, lest that i know of. anyway i was taken aback, honestly i didn't know how to responded to her. just said know and walked away. the thing that make me still think about it is, did i really look that lonely.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Wow

Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that all you can do is stare. I mean there are beautiful people and then there are these goddesses of perfection. i saw one of these people to day, i was going for a walk and i see her and she stops me in my tracks. she literally made me say "Wow" aloud. i wanted to ask her out but couldn't get myself to talk, i was so blown away. i mean she was perfect. perfect eyes and lips and face.  the entire body was  perfect. and all i could do was watch as she passed me and walked away

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things are getting brighter

3 days left and i have to move. now i Know how Link feels in Majoia's Mask, that constent feeling of iminent destruction in the back of your mind. I'm amazed that hes still sane after everything he's been though. things are getting better though, i have a new place to stay and it doesn't seem all that bad, a new location, with new people, mean more opportunities. now i just have to clean this place up and pack up all my stuff and with luck i can find something. 

you guys are great 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starting Off

18, No job, and rent due just around the corner. Living the dream most of my friends would say. On my own with no one there. Searching for any job for 2 months to no word back form anyone, make one wonder whats going on. applied everywhere, and by everywhere i really do mean everywhere, tattoo parlors, funeral home marijuana dispensaries but even they aren't hiring. Though all in all i do think i had a fun time here. I got to see my friends, make a little money and see what living on my on was really like. All i can hope for is the sometime within the next few day someone calls and says that i'm hired or that they would like to have a second interview. but though that is highly unlikely, i don't really mind ether way because in the end its just a ride